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Shadow Box Presentation Certificate

Iraq/Afghanistan Combat Veteran    for service in both operations


Multinational Force Observers Medal

Australian Vietnam Medal


Belgian  Croix De Guerre


Canadian Airborne Jump Wings


French  Croix De Guerre

French Croix De Guerre w/Palm unit Citation

Luxembourg Croix De Guerre

French Jump Wings

US Issue   French Afghanistan Campaign Medal


British Cold War Certificate of Service

British General Service Medal

British Vietnam Medal

British Airborne Jump School

Royal Marines  Commando Training

Royal Marines  Certificate of Service


German Armed Forces Military Proficiency Badge

German Schutzenschnur - Weapons Marksmanship Badges

German Jump Wings


Kuwait Liberation Saudi Arabia

Kuwait Liberation Kuwait

Desert Storm Veteran     for the liberation of Kuwait


ROK  issue Presidential Unit Citation

Korean War Service Medal

Issued by the ROK

Korean War Service Medal

Issued by the U.S.

Korean Defense Service Medal

Issued for ROK Service after 1952

Korean War Veteran

Bravery Gold Medal of Greece                    For ROK Service during the period of War

  ROK  Airborne School  - Jump Wings


  Honduran Jump Wings

  Chilean Jump Wings


Exercise UNITAS

Cold War Recognition Certificate - Issued to U.S. and all Nato Troops who served during the Cold War period


Vietnam After Action Reports and Unit Diaries

Air America  Service

RVN  Veteran

RVN Combat Wounded Veteran

RVN Wound Medal

RVN Presidential Unit Citation

RVN Gallantry Cross Personal Award

RVN Gallantry Cross Unit Citation

RVN Armed Forces Honor Medal

RVN National Order Medal

RVN Air Service Medal

RVN Naval Service Medal

RVN Naval Meritorious Service Medal

RVN Life Saving Medal

RVN Civil Action Medal

RVN Civil Action Unit Citation

Vietnam Campaign Medal

RVN TET Survivor Certificate

RVN Seige of Khe Sanh Survivor

RVN  Jump Wings

RVN  Ranger

RVN  Recondo LRRP

RVN Technical Service Medal

RVN  Ranger Badge Certificate

RVN  Recondo LRRP


MAC-V SOG PUC  Presidential Unit Citation Certificate - Classified until 2003, approved by George W. Bush

MAC-V SOG Jump School  RVN

MAC-V SOG Service - Generic

MAC-V SOG Certificate of Service  CCN, CCC, & CCS


Command & General Staff College

Joint Special Operations University

Special Operations Command - Certificate of Appreciation

US Army School of the Americas

Ranger Training - Non Resident Program

Delta Force - Certificate of Service




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