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Shit Hole Country Service Medal

Merchant Marine


Custom Military Shadow Box

Display Presentation

13" high  x 19" long  = $79.00

see samples below


Your Shadow Box will be custom

 designed to your specifications 


We will email you Proof Copies for your approval prior to shipping  

Your Shadowbox doesn't go out until you give us your final approval


 Printed using waterproof ink on Photo Glossy paper

  79.00 + $7.95 shipping and will be mailed in a cardboard tube via Priority Mail

and this item ships within 2 to 3 business days from receipt of your order


this is a 13"x19" format that displays full scale Medals, Ribbons & Badges

Select Service Branch

After you have Placed Your Order

Email me your list of specifications using the email link below 

Click here to email me your specifications

List your Medals, Ribbons, Badges, Rank, Patches,  and any other images or photos that you want displayed 

I'll email you back a proof when it's completed for your approval

Below are some samples, sent in by our customers

keep in mind that the Medals, Ribbons and Badges are full scale images    

check out the photos of a framed certificates at the bottom

sb_kelly-2.jpg (98099 bytes)SB-Taylor-5.png (320290 bytes)

SB-Owen2.jpg (111211 bytes)Garcia_SB.png (287720 bytes)

 1SB_Knowles.jpg (83179 bytes)SB_Greer-3.png (377445 bytes) 

sb-Hughes1.jpg (123662 bytes)SBSherstz-2.jpg (141512 bytes)

SB-Weinstein.jpg (124454 bytes)SB-RAMSEY-2.png (421406 bytes)


These are not plug-in templates, each Shadow Box Certificate is custom designed,  based on the individual specifications that you provide to us. For instance, multiple unit patches or additional firearms can be added if you chose to.


Navy Veterans may add a photo of their ship if desirable - most ships are available.


Tankers can add a Tank, Cavalry Scouts will have Old Bill on theirs somewhere.


Put it in your email, and if the image is available, it will appear on your certificate.


can also be configured for Private Security and Law Enforcement Awards.


I do not offer a framing service, the glass creates a serious shipping problem.


The photos below were sent to me from customers who have purchased Shadow Box Certificates


These are good examples of what these certificates look like framed. 


This first one was purchased by a proud Father for a Xmas gift for his Son, (a former 2/7 Marine) This certificate is 11" high x 17" long (the 11x17 is no longer available) this was matted to fit in a 18 x 24 inch frame.


This is Brock Taylor on Christmas day 2010,  he's one Proud Marine

Photo provided by Brock's Father, Jack Taylor


The photo below was provided by Den Slattery, Marine Vietnam Veteran

and Retired Army Chaplin (Major)

These are good examples of the 13" x 19" Presentation




This photo was sent in by Kevin Gibson.

We did this Shadowbox to honor his Father, Don Gibson's military career.

Don was a Marine and Bataan Death March Survivor.



Pay with PayPal, PayPal Credit or any major credit card

The present Turn-Around Time is 1 Business Day. Your order will go out via First Class Mail

on the next business day after the order is placed. If the turn-around time should change we will post it here

All documents for sale on this web site are printed on 8.5 x 11 - 32 lb. aged Parchment,

and personalized with your Name, Rank & Dates if provided

  the ( Shadow Box Presentation  is 13" x 19" and printed on Photo Glossy)

These documents are unofficial and have been designed to commemorate your military service

These Documents are Not Approved by the U. S. Government for any Official Use

Under Title 18, U.S. Code, Violators can be Prosecuted


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